Icicles and Ice Dams

How Do They Get There?
How Do I Get Rid of Them?

2014 Farmer’s Almanac warned us.
This winter will be heavy snow and cold temperatures.
So far, the Almanac is right on!

So far, the winter of 2014 may be the worst we’ve seen in the last 10 years. It is anything but a ‘typical’ winter for our area. As a result of the snow piling up on our rooftops without the possibility of any melting before the next snowfall, we are seeing many more ice dams and icicles than usual. Although the potential for water damage is huge, a small percentage of our homes have received damage from the ice dams. These homeowners have received assistance from Rage Management.

Rage Management continues to take steps to counteract the buildup of ice dams. As roofs are replaced, a rubberized membrane that prevents water from leaking into the attic and home is installed between the wood and shingles. Additionally, rooftop ridge vents were installed to help ventilate the attics. In the past, literature has been sent to homeowners about ice dams and their prevention. And, in an emergency, steps are taken to address the ice dams.

Your Association Board members and Property manager offer this information as a reminder-or as a first time read-about ice dams and icicles: how they get there and how we can get rid of them.

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Winter Parking Alert

1. No parking after a two (2) inch snow along Garden Crescent Drive. Be sure to read the signs for directions.

2. Homeowners in Garden Quarter Association with more than two vehicles must not park in another homeowner’s spot without permission nor in visitors’ spots or the no parking areas.

In these cold snowy times, it is critically important that we park in appropriate spaces.

As this note is written, tow trucks are towing vehicles along Garden Crescent Drive. Three squad cars accompany them. It is just as imperative that homeowners in our Association remember they have two (2) assigned parking spots assigned to their homes. If parked elsewhere, the vehicles are subject to towing.

Be safe and stay warm during this blast of winter cold.

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